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Some targets write about satellites being the source of their electronic harassment. Would you know the difference between normal diareah and induced diareah? Both can be very damaging. To maximze the effect they simultaneously beam you from the left behind position with a microwave cook beam. You may be attacked by persons (family, friends, co-workers) who are covertly attacked by electronic harassment The aim of the attackers is to drive the target insane. It involves tones, harmonics, hissing, stabs, blows, voice to skull transmissions, induced dreams (nightmares burning sensations in the body and head, internal burning sensations inside of the body and head, crawling sensations on the body (phantom touch electronic rape, induced and unwanted urination or orgasms. You cannot do much with this beam on your head. Read more, video, i Want To Know What Love.

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But there are also much smaller, portable versions, that can be very effective. Female targets write about sexual attacks, others mention continuous ringing in the ears, etc. So here we have the elite, creating wars to maintain themselves, and their armies, the secret services both trapped in their own lies and deceit. They may also harass the target covert and use the following beams: Sleep beam, to make the driver very sleepy Eye beam, slowly cooking they eyes, so tears come out and visibility reduces Just to confirm, all this is done to cause the (mental. Linnea Olsson, worship feat. "straight." - More information about electronic weapons attacks, including mind control and mind reading On the m website m/ there is an CBS News video of the Active Denial System (ADS a microwave laser weapon. I would like to make a correction, please call it the maximum pain business. I thought that I would spontaneously combust into flames. This could be done with other means as well but it is very easy with electronic weapons.

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Horrible torture After effects If applied with high intensity it may take several days for the painful feeling to disappear Why it is applied Prevent you from working, doing your thing Should you worry Yes, long term irradition may cause brain damage, tumors Scratch beam. Also remember that these weapons can hit a person without hitting the person sitting next to this person. The ones I am referring to are our secret services, including military. In case you prevent them to attack the body area the want to attack,.g. And I do believe the FBI and CIA and NSA are mobs. Many targets wonder how they can be attacked so easily when they move to a different location,.g.

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